The Sea Witch needs your Seed!

By SmutGrrl


The Sea Witch needs your Seed! Erotic Hypnosis Script

Halt. Who goes there? My my. You have some nerve to come into my chambers unannounced. Who dares to enter the Sea Witches lair?

Oh, you must be Surface dwelling prince I've heard so much about. You see, the princess you're looking for Was one of my favorite clients. She could not stop talking about you and how she wanted to go up to the surface to meet you. Yes. I helped her.

On one condition, of course. Before the sun came down, She was to find you and kiss you in order to remain human and be yours forever. But alas, She couldn't fulfill her end of the bargain. And I'm afraid she had to face some consequences because she broke our deal. Oh, did I just strike a nerve?

You seem so angry at me. Relax, boy. I didn't kill your precious little princess. But of course, I may be a ruthless sea witch, but I don't kill my clients. Never have, never will.

It just doesn't seem effective for my business, you know? Not to mention, I would have added more to my already tainted reputation. Plus, could you imagine the pandemonium that would start if I killed the princess? The …