F4M Colleague to Master

By SmutGrrl


F4M Colleague to Master Erotic Hypnosis Script

Alright. This is my apartment right here. Thanks for walking me to my door. It's pretty late, and I didn't feel safe walking home alone. So what did you think of the party?

Yeah? As office parties go, it wasn't so bad, except for the boss's wife. I can't believe she got caught in the lunchroom bent over a table having sex with a new intern. What the fuck was she thinking? I know.

Right? You know, I'm not really tired or anything. So Do you wanna come in and hang out for a little while? Yeah? Okay.

Great. Okay. Come on in. Please excuse the mess. Oh, yeah.

Whoops. Yeah. That's my bra. Sorry. I left it on the couch yesterday after work I forgot to put it in the laundry.

I'm so embarrassed. Okay. Well, I guess you know the size of my boobs now. Yes. I like to wear sexy bras and panties.

Even if nobody sees them, it makes me feel good. Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. Now give me back my bra. Now that we're done discussing my underwear, would you like a drink or something?

I have wine, beer, whiskey. Whiskey? How do you take it? With ice? Sure.

Here you …