[F4M] Queen Nessyera of the Succubi [fantasy] part 3

By SmutGrrl


[F4M] Queen Nessyera of the Succubi [fantasy] part 3 Erotic Hypnosis Script

Previously, last we saw Caleb, he was still quite skittish from his human upbringing, still quite haunted and frail. Nesayera had a conversation with Walrad about ruling with an iron fist against the succubi and incubi and all of their nasty gossiping. She showed concerns about Caleb getting bullied and how he didn't seem to be sleeping very well. Nesayera then found Caleb in the middle of a night terror. She woke him, and they discussed some of Caleb's unfortunate family history.

Nesayera then comforted him in a way only she possibly could. It has since been a few months, Inesayera, and her people have truly settled into the castle. Caleb too has settled in quite well with some careful tending. He much better fills out the traditional incubi clothing he's been given and appears in a much healthier state. There is still scrutiny and whispers throughout the castle about him, but Nesayera has become quite protective.

And I can't believe you 2 have the nerve to prance around this castle acting like everything is okay. I know that you 2 have been scheming against him this entire time. I wanted to send you out to exile. I can't believe the childish …