F4M Ramblefap as I imagine what you'd do to me

By SmutGrrl


F4M Ramblefap as I imagine what you'd do to me Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey. How are you? Good. I hope. Oh, god.

You caught me. Mhmm. Hand down my panties and everything. Oh, I hope you don't mind. You don't?

Oh, good. Well, since you're here, you care to join me? I could use a helping hand, Or tongue? What? Are you just gonna stand there and watch me as I rub myself?

Oh, it feels good. I had hoped you'd come around, and, honestly, I was sort of laying here thinking you might catch me. God, I'm so fucking wet for you already. I can see you're getting hard. Don't be afraid to touch yourself for me.

Would you do that? Would you touch yourself for me? Oh, fuck. That's so fucking hot. What would you like me to do?

You want me to pull my tank top up so you can get a good look? I see you staring at my hard nipples under my top here. Get a better look. They're so hard. Just gonna give him a little, a little pinch.

Does that make your cock twitch? I hope so. Oh, fuck. Oh my god. My clit feels so good right now.

My whole body feels like it's on fire. I am tingling for you. Do …