[F4M] How do you like my body? Hmmm?

By SmutGrrl


[F4M] How do you like my body? Hmmm? Erotic Hypnosis Script

Oh, hey. So how does it feel to be in front of a gorgeous woman like me? A woman that can provide you with the greatest pleasure. A woman that can instantly trigger your lustful instincts. I can tell you're aroused by the sight of what you see, and it's obvious, sexy lingerie, gorgeous silky hair, admiring my beautiful body.

Now, take a deep breath and relax. Just imagine pulling out that hard throbbing cock of yours, slowly stroking up and down, continuing to stroke while I stand there with a natural pose. That's right. Nice and slow. You know, I've made men come in their pants just by looking at me, but I'm surprised you've been able to keep it up this far.

Now how about I turn around, take a good look at my ass. That's it. Stare. You'd love to spread my ass cheeks, wouldn't you? What's that?

You wanna see me twerk? Well, alright then. Watch this. That's it. Stroke faster.

You like the sound of my ass clapping? Oh, I know you do. I can tell by the amount of precum you're leaking. Now, come and plunge your face in between my ass cheeks, that's right. Just like that.

Spit …