F4M Chivalrous Female Knight Gently takes your Virginity

By SmutGrrl


F4M Chivalrous Female Knight Gently takes your Virginity Erotic Hypnosis Script

Is someone there? Oh, goodness me. Are you hurt? Your leg, it's trapped underneath the fallen tree. Are you alright?

Do you need medical attention? Just stuck? Well, I think that can be fixed easily enough. There. You should be free now.

Are you sure you're alright? What were you doing all the way out here in the forest by yourself anyway? Foraging For edible plants and such? Then you must be from the nearby village. Is that correct?

It would be too dangerous to make you walk all the way back home after what just happened to you. Here. Get up on my horse. I'll let you ride with me until we arrive at your village. No.

I'll not let you refuse out of some sense of pride. Come. Let me help you up. Bear. Welcome aboard my noble steed.

There's no need to be so distant. You aren't used to riding horses, are you? Go ahead and wrap your arms around my waist to study yourself. I don't mind. Isn't this relaxing?

I love going on rides through the forest like this. It gives me such a feeling of peace and tranquility, seeing the natural world from high atop one of nature's most noble …