FFFFFF4M This is a Dream Come True for You

By SmutGrrl


FFFFFF4M This is a Dream Come True for You Erotic Hypnosis Script

Oh, yes. Oh, you're so bad. Not mine. Yes. Lick me there.

Okay. Okay. And I Oh. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh, Oh, god. You're sexy. Oh, yes. Fingerhmm. Hey.

Oh. Oh my god. What the fuck? How long were you standing there? Wait.

That's their brother. I thought you were at bible class. Right? We're not supposed to be back until late. Bible study.

What? What are we doing? Surprised. We were, oh my god. I was thrown at Well, you know my friends, don't you?

There's Melissa Howdy. Florence Hello, darling. Kira Hi. And Bree. Oh, and shit.

I forgot little sis is here too. Yeah. Don't forget her. Oh, handsome. Oh.

My god. Shut up. He's on weather. Could you come to join us? Please come play with us, please.

Hi. Like how he looks. Come up and play. Oh, Christ. I can't think of how to explain this away.

Fine. We were having our weekly orgy, and you just interrupted us. Oh, yes. You are not gonna tell mom and dad. Right?

Right? They would go down. Praise and worship night with you. Yeah. I mean Worship.

We were praising and worshiping in a way. Oh, nice. Say. Oh, that's funny. Wait.

Wow. Where are you going? No. No. …