F4F Good Girl Cuddle [Sleep] [Hypnosis] [Cuddle] [No wakener]

By SmutGrrl


F4F Good Girl Cuddle [Sleep] [Hypnosis] [Cuddle] [No wakener] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Time for bed. Oh, I am ready. I am ready to get all cuddly and warm and cozy. Let's see if I can just slide on into bed without disturbing oh. Did I wake you up?

I hope not. It's okay? Good. It has been such a long day for me, and probably for you too. Do you think we could just cuddle?

Yeah? That would be incredible. Yeah. Let me just snuggle on up. Such a good girl, wrapping your arms around me like that.

I think I could just Cuddle all night long. Don't you? Yeah. I'm sure you could. Goodness.

It feels good. Feeling you rubbing my arm like that. Snuggling up so cozy and warm. Doesn't it feel like you're just sinking? Sink.

Don't think. Such a good girl. Just bring those legs right up against mine, and we'll cuddle and curl and be nice and cozy for the night As we drop down further and further, relaxing every part of our bodies together, It feels so good to be next to that body, dropping down. Breathing nice and easy. Oh, it's so good.

And it makes me feel so good. Just cuddling right up with you. And you're warming me up …