F4M Stuck under the sink! Help!

By SmutGrrl


F4M Stuck under the sink! Help! Erotic Hypnosis Script

Just doing some dishes. Why isn't this drain going down? It seems that the garbage disposal is not working. What the hell? Let me get up under this cupboard here and take a look.

I don't know what I'm doing down here. I'm not a plumber. What are you doing down here? Let me just see. I wonder what this pipe does.

Oh. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. My my wrist is caught. Oh, god.

I can't I can't I can't get out. Fuck. Hey! Help! Help!

Oh! Hello? Hey! Oh my god. Oh.

Thank God. What are you doing home baby bro? Yeah I know. It's stupid. You can see.

I was doing dishes and the sink was clogged and I just climbed down under here and my arm stuck I I'm stuck! Do you think you could try and help me out? Yeah? That'd be great. It'd be so embarrassing if my stepdad walked in like this.

Oh my god. I can't. I'm glad it was you home first. You shut up. You're fucking stupid.

Okay. Yeah. I don't know. My wrist, I'm not sure if it's my Bracelet or my watch? I don't know.

I can't really see down here. It's really dark. Maybe you could reach …