F4M Thinking of what you would do to me as I rub one out

By SmutGrrl


F4M Thinking of what you would do to me as I rub one out Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey, baby. I've been waiting for you. Okay. Maybe I haven't been waiting. Yeah.

I already started without you. I've just been laying here thinking of you and what you would do to my body. Yep. I love it when you caress my neck and run your tongue over my ear and nibble a little bit. It gives me the nicest little tingles.

Oh, God. I'm already so turned on. I'm just gonna keep rubbing myself while I think about it. Your hands on my body caressing me, Tracing your finger along my collarbone, down my chest, gently pinching my nipples. Oh, god.

Feels so good. And I want you to take your tongue in your mouth and put it on my breasts. Oh, god. Oh, fuck. I'm turn on.

And take my nipple And give it a good suck and get it nice and wet. And when you blow on it a little bit oh god. It's so good. Oh, and the whole time you're playing with 1, you're massaging the other. I love to picture your cock between my tits.

Just fucking getting them nice and wet, sucking your dick, Giving you a good tit job. Oh, god. I do have big tits. …