I thought you had a girlfriend [script fill]

By SmutGrrl


I thought you had a girlfriend [script fill] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey. You? Yes, you. So you've been scrolling around Gone Wild Audio for a while, right? Looking for that audio that fits your mood tonight.

Maybe some Femme Dom? You want to be told what to do. I know your type. Tell me when you listen to a joy audio, do you follow the instructions or do you just Jerk off while listening to us girls moan. Listen.

It's not like I don't like having you listen, but Don't you have a girlfriend? Now, hear me out. I'm not gonna shame you. Everyone enjoys porn. She probably has her own secrets that you couldn't even imagine.

It's alright. Listening to me isn't cheating. But how about tonight you don't jerk off to my voice. I know. I know.

You want to get off, But I bet you can get just as horny for her. Actually, hopefully, she can make you a lot more horny than some sex Internet stranger. Sure. You might have been together for a long time, but just think back to the beginning. Those first kisses.

Remember those? The electricity. The first time your lips touched. Yeah. I think you remember.

The first time your hand slid down the side of her body …