F4M Jafar's Wish Granted (with music!)

By SmutGrrl


F4M Jafar's Wish Granted (with music!) Erotic Hypnosis Script

Jafar, you insolent traitor. You evil egomaniac. You son of a pig farmer's whore. Tell your bird to leave my father alone. Stop it with the crackers, foul creature.

Stop it. Jafar, leave him alone. What? You must be deranged. I am the princess of Agrabah, And I will choose the man I will marry.

And it won't matter if he's a prince or not, as long as what? No. No. I'll never be in love with a monster like you. That's impossible.

It proves how demented you really are. No magic not from you, not from this genie creature could possibly change my oh. Jafar, I've never told you how incredibly handsome you are. You're tall, dark, well dressed. And your beard is so twisted.

You've stolen my heart. What street rat? My love, my lord and master. You banished him to the ends of the Earth. I don't expect he'll be attending our wedding.

Do you? I hope him and his malodorous monkey freeze to death. Yes. I agree. I think our wedding should take place as soon as possible, as soon as I can have the invitation sent out to All of my friends in the nearby kingdoms.

And I'll make sure my …