Quick little JOI for you as I cum

By SmutGrrl


Quick little JOI for you as I cum Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey. How are you doing, baby? Yeah. I'm talking to you. Mhmm.

I want you to get nice and comfortable for me. We're gonna take a little trip, and it's gonna be all about you. That's right, baby. All about you. I just picture you laying there listening to me.

Your cock getting nice and hard at my words. Oh, god. It's such a turn on. You feel it pressing on the inside of your pants, or maybe you take off your pants and expose yourself to me. God.

That sounds so nice. Oh god. I love your cock. Yeah, baby. I just want you to pull it out for me.

Oh, will you stroke it for me? Yeah. That's right. Just picture me and my hand wrapped around your nice hard Dick. Oh god.

I want you to jerk it for me, baby. Will you do that for me? Will you grip that cock and jerk it for me? Oh, it's so good. I want you to think about me wrapping my lips right around the head of that cock as you stroke yourself.

Imagine my tongue Gently caressing the underside, sliding all the way down your shaft. Getting it nice and wet, looking gently …