F4A Online love by u/ComforablyMud

By SmutGrrl


F4A Online love by u/ComforablyMud Erotic Hypnosis Script

Online love. She grunted out her last orgasm, Laying on her tummy, hand between her legs. She arched her back and turned her head toward the phone. The sight of her round ass backlit by the nightstand lamp. All I could think was, Wow.

Both of us lack intimacy at home, and yet fully expose ourselves to each other online. You should get to work, she says. You should probably get out of bed. She laughs. And at that moment, I want her to be mine.

But it won't be. It won't last. Life invades our oasis of raw intimacy and virtual sex. Soon It's over. Love bloomed and faded inside of a few months.

Life's memories live on. We can remember the bad or we can see the good. Regret what never was or relish in what we had. I choose relish. Her laugh, her quirky humor.

Oh, and that sound she made when she came.