F4M Erotic Hypnosis

By SmutGrrl


F4M Erotic Hypnosis Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello? Are you ready for the drop? Are you ready for pleasure? Are you ready to get your cock Nice and hard, and come for me. Let us sink into a trance.

Do not Not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery or doing any activity where your mind is needed in the real world. I want you in a quiet, comfortable position, preferably without your Pants on. I want you lying down. For this, you may decide to have your hand on your cock, And that is your choice. During this trance, you will be under my power, But not outside of this audio.

Once you are done listening to my voice, you will return to your natural Trulstein, fully aware, fully awake, cognizant of your feelings. I have no control outside of this audio, but while you're with me, you are here for pleasure. You are here for your pleasure. Let us sink down. It is time for a drop.

Let's Approach the staircase together. With every step down, you will Sink down down further and further into my control of your pleasure. You will sink pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure.

Pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure. On the count of 10, you'll be …