F4M Oh sorry...did I wake you?

By SmutGrrl


F4M Oh sorry...did I wake you? Erotic Hypnosis Script

Yeah. Oh, god. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh, babe, did I wake you? Sorry. I thought you were sound asleep. Oh, baby. I'm so sorry.

No. No. It's okay. Nothing's wrong. No.

No. Nothing's wrong at all. Yeah. I was just laying here just thinking about you, and, I started to get a little excited, you know. Yeah.

I think I got a little too excited. The shaking bed woke you up? Oh, I am so sorry, baby. I don't have to be sorry? No.

Oh, I could have just woken you up to join me. Well, yeah. I mean, it is always better when you participate. Mhmm. Oh, babe.

Oh god. Look. Oh my god. You're hard already. How long were you laying there awake?

Oh, long enough. Okay. Well, yeah. Here, let me get a little closer. Oh, there we go.

Oh, your body's so warm. It feels so good. I just wanna curl up right next to you and stroke your hard cock. Oh, god. Yes.

Please. Please. Yes. Feel free. Just slide a finger down there for me.

Oh, yeah. Oh, I am really wet already. Yeah. I was going at it for a little while before you woke up. I'm so glad you did, …