[F4M] From the Water, by u/TheMagWolf

By SmutGrrl


[F4M] From the Water, by u/TheMagWolf Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey, everybody. It's your girl, Smutty. This is From the Water written by the MagWolf for Gone Wild Audio, and I have extended, a query to see if I could use it for my Patreon in which they said yes. So here is from the water. Before your eyes have even opened, you sense that you are in a Strange Place.

Your body feels weighed down by some intangible force, but there is no strain, no discomfort. It dawns on you that there is nothing but pure silence around you. It is so quiet. It's as if time itself stands still. It is in this silence that you become aware of the peculiar feeling of being exposed, yet embraced by the immense soothing warmth of the very air around you.

Perhaps it is this which makes you unwilling to move. Even with your eyes closed, you can sense the expansiveness of this space you have found yourself in, and that you are in its center. Eventually, you are finally able to open your eyes. Immediately, you can see your own reflection, as if staring into a reflection pool. Indeed, you are lying down.

Your arms are outstretched and your legs are spread wide. …