F4M How is your NNN going? Wanna cum fail for me?

By SmutGrrl


F4M How is your NNN going? Wanna cum fail for me? Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, gentlemen. Well, it's November 15th, and we're about halfway through no nut November. How are you faring? Has it been a very hard month for you? All these evil succubi women trying to get you off around every corner We're so naughty.

I don't know why, but it just compels me to make you want to come. Oh, maybe I have the devil in me. Oh, but you've been so good, haven't you? There's so much pornography online, and you've been avoiding all of it, of course, haven't you? I mean, we've made it this far.

Right? It's too far in for you to just go and bust a nut now, I think. But To think of all you pent up men out there, cocks ready to blow, balls full. Oh god. It just makes me wanna wrap my lips around your dick.

Mhmm. I just picture myself working your head and your shaft, running my tongue along the underside, feeling you throb and twitch in my mouth. Oh, god. Yeah. It would feel so good.

Oh, but you have to behave, don't you? Or do you? Do you have to behave, or have you already been bad? I suspect if you're listening …