F4A I offer you dreams. A poem by u/ChrisHailey

By SmutGrrl


F4A I offer you dreams. A poem by u/ChrisHailey Erotic Hypnosis Script

This poem is called, I Offer You Dreams. It is by the user Chris Haley, and it was on r /pillowtalkaudio on Reddit. Thank you, Chris Haley for writing this beautiful poem, and I hope you all enjoy. Are you still not asleep, my love. Come to bed.

Yes. Come to me, my love. Come into my arms and let me hold you. Why do you hesitate? I'm here for you now.

Oh, you don't recognize me? But you do know me. You know me intimately. I came to you every night. I am with you Every night, I take you into my arms and I hold you.

I hold you who encoures you like a lover. I transport you to places unimaginable, and yet, you resist me. You resist me every night. I offer myself to you and you push me away. Just as you're pushing me away tonight, Just as you push me away right now, look at me.

Look at my face, and look at my body. I am beautiful. You desire me. You crave me and need me. Yes.

You agree. You know that you want me even while you resist me. Put away your resistance and come to me. I …