Flowers by Sweet Baby Raye on Reddit (Script Fill)

By SmutGrrl


Flowers by Sweet Baby Raye on Reddit (Script Fill) Erotic Hypnosis Script

This is Flowers by SweetBabyRay for Gone Wild Audio Poetry. If I were placed in a field of flowers, I would always be left unpicked. To wilt and dry in the sun until the next spring comes. The result would likely be the same. Do I care?

No. Not really. I find so much love through doing things for others, telling stories to the bees, and helping to make the humans honey. I live life as normal. Basking in the rain, and dreaming under the stars, until the warm seasons end, and the 1st frost falls upon my petals.

Although there is a curious side that longs to feel love, to be touched. I remain patient and steadfast for time can heal the unrequited. Thank you.