F4M Nimpho Elven Priestess in Exile Seduces Adventurer

By SmutGrrl


F4M Nimpho Elven Priestess in Exile Seduces Adventurer Erotic Hypnosis Script

Once upon a time, humans and elves lived in perfect harmony with all of the other sentient races. For millennia, no major quarrel nor squabble for land nor resources took place, but everything changed when humanity's innate darkness took hold. Their greed, malice, and depravity knew no bounds. And as such, they waged war against the country nearest to their borders, Luminaria, Kingdom of elves. Now the only thing man has that matches their depravity There is their ingenuity.

And when combined, they produce machines of war that no others can fathom. Soon, the elves wished to stop the war, offering up their high priestess and firstborn daughter of the king, lumen to the human kingdom of Kylesland. For centuries, the king heard not of the priestess, and so has ordered an envoy to see how his daughter was doing. To his horror, they found Lumen in a common brothel, no longer bearing any of her previous noble poise. She was turned into nothing more than a common whore, sold for a bag of pennies for a night, sometimes even less.

What's even worse is that the priestess seemed to enjoy it, forgetting the purity and dignity that she once had back …