F4A Longer by u/igrokyou

By SmutGrrl


F4A Longer by u/igrokyou Erotic Hypnosis Script

Longer. I will drown you with fire and friction. At long last, my voice to your ears. No electric signals between any longer. I will wait to watch you writhe on my tongue and my fingers and my whispers, eagerly desperate to prolong them longer or not at all.

I want to taste lightning, the stars, the sun's between our cores. Ride me, wrap around me, clutch me, kiss me longer. I will forget the distance of the now. Sink deep into negative, distance between us. We fuck longer and longer.

Until all thoughts are driven out of our heads, until our voices are hoarse with each thrust, until forgetting all All, heat, light, touch, smell, sound, want, need. Longer, longer, longer, longer, longer. You are dropped unwilling from heaven's peak, gasping, panting, whining, moaning. But I am not done with you yet. This will take longer.

You whine and reach out to me begging, helpless, so eager, so desperate to be in flight, soaring above body, time for longer. For that instant of connection, you pant trying to appeal to me, but I want to watch you fall apart, slower, longer. Sorry, but you are delightful unwound like This hair spilling over …