F4MF Thank you for choosing me as your Therapist!

By SmutGrrl


F4MF Thank you for choosing me as your Therapist! Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. It's so nice to see both of you again. I'm so glad that you guys have decided to choose me to be your sex therapist. Come in. Come in.

Have a seat on the couch. Oh, don't worry about the mat on the floor. I'll explain everything before we get started. I wanna thank you guys for completing these confidential individual questionnaires. It helps me determine what type of treatment will be required to resolve your issues.

As you may know my methods are a bit unconventional and interactive, but I assure you they are highly effective. Now, do either of you have any questions before we get started? No? No? Okay.

Good. The reason I asked you to fill out the questionnaires individually was that I wanted very honest answers. After reviewing your answers, I've come up with the following conclusions. Please correct me if you feel that I've missed the mark somehow on some of these. Let's see.

In summary, you want your husband to be a more thoughtful, less selfish, And more sensitive lover. Is that correct? Mhmm. There's no need for you to get upset. Your wife was just being honest about her feelings.

And let's summarize your feelings. You …