[F4M] You're not just a scriptwriter!

By SmutGrrl


[F4M] You're not just a scriptwriter! Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey. It's me, Smutty. Your favorite voice actress. Of course, you can't see me. I'm in your head.

I've been in your head for quite some time now. Haven't I? You've listened to all of my audios over and over, and you can't get me out of here, can you? Well, now I'm in control of your thoughts. I can make you think and feel whatever I want.

Why am I in here? To thank you, of course. Hey. Who wrote this? Oh, of course.

It's you. What? Are you confused by the tone shift? I just happen to find this paper here, lying with a pen next to it. Thought I'd Take some liberties.

I'll tell you why I'm here. It's actually quite simple. I'm here all the time, Because you want me to be here. Because every time you put those fingers to a keyboard or a pen to paper, It's my voice you hear. You can't resist writing me, can you?

You can't resist putting all those filthy, naughty words In my mouth. You can't resist. Hey. Hey. Stop it.

I'm using the pen now. Don't try and take it away from me. Hey. Okay. Sorry for the interruption.

Where was I again? Oh, …