F4M The Lilim and her Princeling

By SmutGrrl


F4M The Lilim and her Princeling Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, Princeling. Welcome to my realm. Do you not recognize me? I assume you don't. I went to great length to conceal myself when I met with your father.

He is a stoic and undeterred soul. Like a stone at the bottom of a river. The thing is that all stones will one day be weathered through time. I trust that you were not told of the deal? Right.

Lucene let go of the Princeling's head let him answer. So you didn't know? Good. The specific deal was a wager. I would send in my best people to take you from your room.

If they were caught, we would leave, and no one that resides within the walls of your kingdom would be taken again. If we grabbed you undetected, the outcome would be the same as if we were caught, but I would have a little prize for myself. That would be you my dear. You don't have to try talking through your gag. I am well acquainted with human emotions, and can tell from your Expression.

What you are thinking. It's the only logical outcome in your mind. You think I'm lying. After all, I'm more than just your normal demon. I'm …