[F4A] Puppy Play [hypnosis] [induction] [install triggers] [puppy] [reward trigger] for [arousal]

By SmutGrrl


[F4A] Puppy Play [hypnosis] [induction] [install triggers] [puppy] [reward trigger] for [arousal] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, darlings. Dear girl, Smutty, here. I was wandering through, r /erotic hypnosis when I saw a neat little text induction written by user sub r PSIN, and I reached out to them and asked if it would be okay to audio record their text script. And they said, yes. That would be nice.

So here you go. This is a Pet Play audio. So this induction is meant to take you into trance and make you feel like a submissive little puppy and install some triggers. Triggers for returning to trance. Feeling like a puppy with tail and ears, sending a random sweet message of how much you love being a puppy.

A few little playful puppy things and a nice little reward trigger to feel arousal between your legs. Triggers tied to me or someone else that you trust to use them. They won't work if it's not somebody you trust using them. The triggers will not work if it's an appropriate time for them to work. They will not work if it's from somebody you trust, but are not wanting to be hypnotized.

Let's say you're at work, for instance. They are only for entertainment purposes and when you're in …