[F4M] Queen Nessyera of the Succubi [fantasy] part 2

By SmutGrrl


[F4M] Queen Nessyera of the Succubi [fantasy] part 2 Erotic Hypnosis Script

Previously, queen Nasirah and her following of incubi and succubi arrive at their new home, a castle nestled near a small village filled with apparently nervous humans. The humans fear Nesiara and her people, feeling that they are creatures from hell, much to Nesierra's annoyance. Nesierra finds out that the humans intend on bringing her a sacrifice to appease her in hopes she won't extinguish their village. When they arrive, the succubus queen finds out they brought her a young man, Caleb. It is not typical that she would accept another soul as an offering, but something about the young man made her feel as though she could provide him with a better life.

Nesiara shows mercy on the young man. He may be scrawny, but she notes he is scrappy and perhaps useful. She accepts Caleb in sacrifice unwarns the humans to leave her people be in the castle. She assures their safety in exchange for being unbothered. Nesayera finds the young man nervous, downright fearful of his new lifestyle.

She offers him a choice, stay willingly and be hers or return to whatever slop life he has with the humans. Though terrified, it looks like Caleb would rather swallow a …