F4M Your girlfriend is an 8ft big alien from SPACE!!!

By SmutGrrl


F4M Your girlfriend is an 8ft big alien from SPACE!!! Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hi, darling. How was your day? Let me lift you up. Now, look into my eyes. Darling, I can't see you with the small pair.

That's for far sight. Look into my big eyes. You should know by now. There you are. I missed you.

Did you stop at the grocery store? Did you get- Put them away. Put them away. Those How do you call them? L lemons?

Lemons. You should know not to buy them. They look too much like body parts to us Megathorians. Yeah. It's the color.

It looks just like my skin. It looks like you've got a net full of gonads. I told you to bring the green ones. What are they called? Limes.

Mhmm. Oh. They didn't have any? Well, that's disappointing. I'm not touching the yellow ones.

Not a chance. Not even with my tentacles. Yeah. I guess you have to do it then. Make yourself useful in the kitchen for once.

Oh. You can't reach over the counter. Why are you humans just so tiny? Here. Let me help you.

Here. You can stand on one of my chairs. Oh, Shut up. You wanted the kitchen measured to my body height. We could have gotten something in between, you …