[F4A] Celebrate my Reddit 2 year Cake day with me! [Ramblefap] [Orgasm] [Celebrate]

By SmutGrrl


[F4A] Celebrate my Reddit 2 year Cake day with me! [Ramblefap] [Orgasm] [Celebrate] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, darlings. Hello. So 2 years ago today, I signed up on Reddit as smut girl. It was 2 years ago in May that I quit my job in medicine and decided that I wanted to find a way to work for myself. I narrated some audiobooks.

I worked on a podcast in the past. I honed my skills at writing. And from May till August, I just tried chasing what I wanted to do. August 2 years ago, I signed up and started writing for erotica cells on Reddit and doing custom written, naughty stories that were just so wild and amazing and creative. And I discovered I don't know if you can hear it, but there's so much thunder going on.

If I cut out, I'll just pick it back up later as she clicks save. There was just so much stuff to open my mind to. I discovered so many new kinks and things. And I was writing, writing, writing. And then several months later, I got into audio.

I discovered that there was, this whole gone wild audio thing you could do. And I'm trying to remember when I first posted to the gone wild audio community let's see. …