F4M Ramblefap as I Edge to Oblivian This Morning

By SmutGrrl


F4M Ramblefap as I Edge to Oblivian This Morning Erotic Hypnosis Script

Good morning. How are you doing? I've had a very special request for a ramble fap in which a challenge was presented to me That I should rub myself, But I wasn't allowed to come for at least 10 minutes. I'm already soaking wet. I'm laying here in bed.

I woke up wet thinking of this and how exciting it would be. It's gonna be hard not to come too soon. Oh god. It just feels so good. I've been thinking about, How you'd hold me down and kiss me.

The warmth of your body next to me. How hard you would get, Hearing me moaning. Oh, god. Oh, god. It feels so good.

Every time I get closer, I just stop and try and count to 20. But you're gonna try and force me to come. You strap me down. I'm bind my legs apart so I can't squeeze them together. In.

You apply pressure to just the right places. Fuck. Oh god. You tie my hands up above me Sorry I couldn't stop you. Oh, fuck.

Oh god. Oh, I wanna cum so bad. I have to pause or else I'm gonna cum. Oh, you bring me right up to that edge. Oh, …