Your First HypnoTherapy Session

By notsoftforwork


Your First HypnoTherapy Session Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. I'm Goddess, and I'll be your therapist today. It's nice to finally meet you. When we talked on the phone, you seemed really desperate for some help. Don't worry.

You're safe here. I'm here to leave you. Happy to help drain away all that negative thought. Well, let's start talk with some breathing. Why don't you go ahead and lie yourself back?

Focus your die on one spot on the ceiling. Nothing too straining. It can be any spot. Then just breathe with me. In, in doubt, at your own pace.

Talk, feel your body start to release all of its tension. Take a deep breath in. Don't. Good job. As you breathe, you'll notice all that built up tightness start to fade away in doubt, talk as we keep focusing on your breathing, you may find that your feet and ankles start to release all that aching pressure.

It's okay to shift around at any point during our session to get into a more comfortable about this, just do what relaxes you most. In and talked. The next, you can feel your legs relax. It feels so nice to allow yourself this time to be with me, to allow yourself to be …