Forget to Cum [F4A] [JOI] [Femdom] [Hypnosis] [IQ Play] [Amnesia] [Touch Toy] [Dumbing Down] [Denial] [Tease] [Gaslighty] [Confusion] [Still Aroused on Wakeup]

By SecretSubject_


Forget to Cum [F4A] [JOI] [Femdom] [Hypnosis] [IQ Play] [Amnesia] [Touch Toy] [Dumbing Down] [Denial] [Tease] [Gaslighty] [Confusion] [Still Aroused on Wakeup] Erotic Hypnosis Script

You know what's really sexy to a hypno kinkster like me or you? The idea of being hypnotized and controlled, sexually. Having your control stolen for a moment. To be so blissfully hypnotized But you don't think. You just follow along with the orders of the hypnotist, the person in charge of you.

I bet you've seen porn where that concept is featured, and I wonder how it made you feel Turned on? Aroused? Jealous even? Does it turn you on right now to even think about it? Memories of the best scenarios, the most arousing and pleasurable ones popping up in your mind, remembering them right now, making you a little horny again.

Do you want to touch yourself? Sorry, that was a question. What I meant to say was, touch yourself. Now that felt good, right, following a command and knowing you could resist me if you wanted to, but you don't want to. Touch yourself the way you love to be touched.

Really get into it. Hand between your legs and starting to feel those feelings of arousal building Just a little bit. Maybe listening to me talk is arousing. Maybe the thoughts of hypnosis alone have stolen your focus …