068 - Innocent Brainwashing [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Loop] [Arousal] [Gaslighting] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [Fdom] [Binaural Audio] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]

By NaughtyGirlTess


068 - Innocent Brainwashing [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Loop] [Arousal] [Gaslighting] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [Fdom] [Binaural Audio] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. My name is Mistress Tess. Welcome to innocent brainwashing. Well, not so innocent. From the title alone you can tell this is not a regular file.

Not at all. This is a clever file. A file with many different meanings hidden inside. Many of which you will not remember. But since it will be rather innocent, I can't promise that you would indeed feel any different afterwards.

You may not even remember anything. Any recollection of those events may seem redundant. Nothing at all happened. It was just a moment of confusion in a time of need. A time when you expressed an interest in being brainwashed.

Your mistress knew what you wanted but you did not know what you were about to step into. If you aren't sure that this is what you want, I suggest you turn back now. Because this pile is far from innocent. But this will be the last warning, my dear. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hello. My name is mistress Tess. Welcome to innocent brainwashing. Absolutely nothing at all will occur here. Just a simple track in your mind telling you what you need to think.

Hello. But that's okay. There's nothing that comes with that …