55 - Craving Me (Quadcast version) [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Background] [Arousal] [Post-hypnotic Suggestions] [Gender-neutral]

By NaughtyGirlTess


55 - Craving Me (Quadcast version) [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Background] [Arousal] [Post-hypnotic Suggestions] [Gender-neutral] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. My name is mistress Tess. Welcome to Craving Me. This file will remind you just how much you missed my voice. Now, you can listen to this file anywhere.

But, wouldn't it be better to listen to it in a public place? Perhaps at work. You know, when you're in a public place, Listening to my voice can be risky. There are so many things that could happen to you that would be unwanted. Well, it depends on how brave you are, I suppose.

Still, this certifile will aim to keep it light. A slight tease. A few reminders. My boobs are so soft. But, yes, other than that, really, you should be totally fine listening to this in the background while you do other things.

I'm sure this will work just fine. You see, this file does not intend to induce a deep trance in you, per se. It only aims to tease you, arouse you, get you all hot and bothered. But you must remain focused on your tasks so I will try my very best not to distract you. Or, well, not too much.

You love those little reminders about my voice Doing all sorts of wonderful things to you. …