Moonlight Glitters on the Ocean

By Mistress_Minerva


Moonlight Glitters on the Ocean Erotic Hypnosis Script

Moonlight glittering over the gentle waves of the ocean at night might trick someone into believing it's entirely serene. Underneath the wind dark surface of the sea, however, there is a constant, slow, yet persistent flow forwards and backwards. The water may look entirely quiet, but given enough time, water can level cliffs or carve through mountains. When one combines water with time and persistence, it can be one of the most powerful forces on earth. The light of a sunset bouncing off the crests and troughs of the sea might as well give the impression that it's passive, peaceful, calm.

But under the waves, the water continues to flow backwards and forwards. With time and persistence, water can level anything. If you have ever walked along a beach, You may have well come across what seems like a smooth, glittering gem of green or blue, the rays of the sun bouncing and reverberating within the gym, illuminating it on the beach. Some time ago, however, this gym would have been a bottle or a glass, cracked, broken, left to decay. But given time and persistence, it was taken by the water and smooth.

The water took the broken bottle as the …