[F4A] Optimizing your Mind for Maximized Performance

By notsoftforwork


[F4A] Optimizing your Mind for Maximized Performance Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. You must be your new volunteer. Allow me to briefly introduce myself. I am the lead researcher at a private company specializing in neuro enhancement through suggestion. We aim to marginally improve your cognitive ability by the end of today's session.

I've been doing this for quite a while, Also don't worry, I'm going to take very good care of you, and I'm happy to finally have a willing test subject for my experiments. And such a keen subject too. We're going to begin now, so listen to me for a moment, and all will become clear soon enough. You, cute little subject, are I'm going to test the state of the art method for accelerated thought process. As long as all goes well, you should be able to says more of your brain than ever thought previously possible.

I know it doesn't sound possible, but I have reason to believe if we're on the brink of a great new discovery. This could completely change your life as long as you're willing to lay back and listen to me for a bit. Play along with what I tell you. Me'll be alright. Just hold still and let me apply Buy this …