[F4A] Simple Submission [Improv] [Hypno] [Conversational] [NLP] [snaps] [Gentle Fdom] [kneeling for me] [collared] [leashed] [you're my little plaything]

By JustMocha-


[F4A] Simple Submission [Improv] [Hypno] [Conversational] [NLP] [snaps] [Gentle Fdom] [kneeling for me] [collared] [leashed] [you're my little plaything] Erotic Hypnosis Script

You know, sometimes I think it's nice to take a break and just listen for a while where you don't have to do the talking, where you don't have to do much thinking because you've set time aside to take a listen to something like this, To me, just talking. And this is all improvised. Haven't thought about what I'm gonna do or where we'll end up, But I think there's a certain fun to that, isn't there? There's a kind of excitement when you don't know what's going to happen, and a mind might wander, but yours would do well to continue listening to me. I'll make it fun.

And I wonder what happens exactly when you listen to a voice that you really like. What happens when that voice It just seems to hit the right spot slipping into your Your ears so easily, effortlessly. Here you are listening to me, sitting down blissfully, happily listening to every little word I speak, every syllable, all these lovely little Intonations. Wonderful, isn't it? To be here, sit back, listen, don't talk, don't think.

So much easier to Listen to me. And I think when 1 is a really good listener, They …