[F4A] Obedience Training for Good Dogs

By notsoftforwork


[F4A] Obedience Training for Good Dogs Erotic Hypnosis Script

You're alone now. Right? Good. It's just you. You and me.

Relax, puppy. I don't bite. I just wanna talk to you. I wanna here with you to speak to my dog. You may blink, but do not close your eyes in relaxation.

Not yet. Ready for me? Good. Let's get started. It's quite obvious by now.

I'm your everything. You let me into your mind, and in return, I bring you true bliss in. In and out. Very good. It all becomes so natural, are so familiar, so automatic in and out, feeling yourself start to relax when you breathe then.

And out like a good listener. What stress was left in your feet, and your sore ankles, your legs all starts to fade with each obedient to breath in and out. You can feel this familiar shouldn't travel to your thighs, finding its way past your pelvis And meeting the rising and falling in your chest as you breathe in and out. Like, each breath is now connected deeper into this relaxing feeling. You're doing such a good job just following my orders Years when you breathe in and out.

It becomes clear that this relaxation tied to your chest finds its way …