102 - Pleasurable Workout (Quadcast version) [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Background] [Loop] [Post-hypnotic Suggestions] [Gender-neutral]

By NaughtyGirlTess


102 - Pleasurable Workout (Quadcast version) [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Background] [Loop] [Post-hypnotic Suggestions] [Gender-neutral] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. My name is Mistress Tess. Welcome to pleasurable workout. This is a background file that will help motivate you to work out in a very enjoyable way. Now for this to work, You must focus your attention on any activity related to working out, and you should let my words flow through your mind as a lovely sound in the background.

No need to focus too hard on what I say or how I say it. Just let my words play as you focus on whatever it is that you're currently doing. Working out can be fun for some, but not for everyone. Some people may want an additional reason to work out. Others, well, they may just enjoy this added benefit from this file.

Either way, it is okay, and you are not going to be judged for it. This file is for everyone who wants Feel pleasure when they work out. An increased motivation to work out while we're at it. Because working out is good for you. And pleasure well, I don't think you need me to tell you whether pleasure is good for you.

Now, said pleasure doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, The levels of pleasure …