Human Furniture Fantasy

By Dragontize


Human Furniture Fantasy Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, world. I'm dragon ties. I'm mesmerized with voice and eyes. This file is going to be a furniture fantasy. For those of you who've always longed to be a footstool or maybe a table there to be used, there to be mindless and blank and empty as a mere piece of furniture.

And to help you begin to sink into that mindset, I've set the lights in my brainwashing chamber to slowly cycle through different colors. You may find that as you focus on those different colors or maybe on my fingers or maybe on the sound of my voice, Your thoughts begin to go a little quieter. The other sounds in your environment begin to fade into the background, and you become just a bit more comfortable on the bed or chair where you're listening. I do hope you're listening somewhere that it's safe and appropriate for you to be completely blank and mindless because I do intend to completely blank your mind so that you can find yourself slipping away, sinking into that mindset being nothing more than an object for my use. Somewhere I might set my drink for a moment or rest my feet.

Perhaps you can …