100 - Confess Your Sins (Quadcast version) [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Femdom] [Degradation] [Gaslighting] [Orgasm Denial] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Post-hypnotic Suggestions] [Gender-neutral]

By NaughtyGirlTess


100 - Confess Your Sins (Quadcast version) [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Femdom] [Degradation] [Gaslighting] [Orgasm Denial] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Post-hypnotic Suggestions] [Gender-neutral] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. My name is Mistress Tess. Welcome to Confess Your Sins. This style will have you confess your sins to me and apologize for your misdeeds by degrading yourself from me. And maybe You will be forgiven.

This may get a little intense, so you may wish to steer away if rough degradation is not your thing. In a moment, I will command you to repeat after me. I know what you've done, and I will make you say it out loud After me. With every sentence that you repeat, this will become more and more true and apparent that you have sinned and you require my forgiveness. And the more you realize it, the deeper in the trance you will go.

It's as simple as that. I speak. You repeat. Like a mindless puppet. That's what you are, after all.

You love being reminded of what you are. It's only natural for you to admit the simple truth, as you will in a moment. You will repeat after me if you want a chance at forgiveness. Starting now. I have sinned.

I have been a dirty whore. I have been bad, and I need to improve. I have disappointed my mistress. I'm a …