Another Hypnosis Loop

By AforAudio


Another Hypnosis Loop Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey. This is going to be quite an intense hypnosis loop. And because of that, you don't need to finish this file. I'd recommend setting an alarm to wake you up out of the trance I put you in. Pick how long you'd like to listen for, and set an alarm for that time.

Similarly, you should have a glass of water nearby. If you want to use this as a sleep aid, that's fine too. Just be aware that I'm going to instruct you to do certain things. Obviously, you won't be able to follow if you're asleep, but it may implant certain An idea is in your brain that you may not be aware of. To keep you safe, I want to make it clear that this will only have an effect with my voice.

Should anyone else try this on you, you'll be very aware of the attempt, but you will not fall into You can deal with that unethical attempt as you see fit. You should be in a comfortable place, somewhere that you're unlikely to be disturbed. We want as few distractions as possible. Are you ready to begin? Everything that might distract you care of?

Perfect. You …