[F4M]Transformation Journey [Bimbo][Hypnosis][Latex][Pink][Bimbofication][Training][Subliminal][Binaural][Femdom][Conditioning][Praise]

By Sandytaboo


[F4M]Transformation Journey [Bimbo][Hypnosis][Latex][Pink][Bimbofication][Training][Subliminal][Binaural][Femdom][Conditioning][Praise] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, and welcome. This journey is one of relaxation, pleasure, and discovery. Imagine yourself stepping into a room filled with soft, warm pink light. As you look around, you see mirrors on all sides. Looking into the mirrors, you see yourself as a woman dolled up in your beautiful latex uniform.

Notice the confident and blissful smile on your face. That's you. That's who you've chosen to be. Feel the softness of the carpet beneath your feet As you walk further into the room, the plush material like a gentle massage against your skin. As you go deeper into the room, you hear a soft, gentle voice whispering.

Good girl. Good girl. The voice is so comforting, so joy. It reminds you of your purpose, your goal to fully embrace your female persona. You feel the need to surrender, to give in to the voice, to become the perfect, obedient girl.

Sleep, the voice repeats. Sleep deep. You find your body responding automatically, Your mind going blank. Your thoughts slowing down. All that exists is the voice and its commands.

It's so easy to listen, to obey, to be female. Freeze, the voice whispers next. And just like that, all thoughts evaporate. Your mind …