[F4M] Hypnotic Thrusting HFO [HFO] [JOI] [Vanilla] [Visualization] [Kind] [Hypnosis] [Positive] [Begging] [Facial]

By Apprehensive-Fox6547


[F4M] Hypnotic Thrusting HFO [HFO] [JOI] [Vanilla] [Visualization] [Kind] [Hypnosis] [Positive] [Begging] [Facial] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hey there. I'm glad you decided to spend some time with me. You made the right choice. The goal of this session is very simple. I want you to relax, and I want you to experience a very, very pleasurable orgasm.

This is a safe place. I'll tell you everything we planned to do today. Everything is kind, affectionate, and feels, oh, so good. You're safe here with me. Before we get started, please make yourself comfortable.

Sitting in a desk chair is fine, but lean back a little if it helps you relax. Make sure your cell phone is on do not disturb mode. Close your door if you don't want anyone to see you. Wiggle a little bit in your chair or wherever you're relaxing, and settle down comfortably. Go ahead.

Wiggle a little. Good. You're doing great. If you need a moment to get comfortable, you can pause now and do so. Okay.

Are you comfortable? Good. Me too. Today, I'm going to say things that will help you relax. Some people call this hypnosis.

Others may call it guided meditation. My only goal is to help you relax and release. Don't worry if you zone out while I talk. That's perfectly …