Deprogramming Sexual Guilt

By gob384


Deprogramming Sexual Guilt Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, and welcome to this hypnosis audio recording. This audio recording has themes of sexual liberation and freedom to undo guilt when it comes to the topics of sexual To start, we're going to focus on your breathing, taking a deep breath in, Holding and down. A deep breath in, holding and out, and repeat. For every breath you take, you'll feel slightly more relaxed. Every breath, you'll become more and more focused on my words, and Every breath, you will become more suggestible under my influence.

Breathing, listening, Responding. These will be your tasks. Simple. Right? Breathing in, Holding in doubt, listening to my words, responding to my questions.

Simple tasks for a simple mind because we are going to help your mind become much more simple. Every breath you take, You can count down from 50 towards 0, helping deepen you further. Every count you go down, they become a little bit more difficult than the last. For every mistake you make, simply reset back to 50. But this time, Your current level of trance is now the max you will be until the end of our trance.

Nice and relaxed. Breathing in, holding in down, listening to my words, responding …