Arrows in the heart of Aphrodite [Friends to ?]

By TemptressOrgasm5


Arrows in the heart of Aphrodite [Friends to ?] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. No one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone. Hi. Oh, this is so stupid.

I broke up with Finn. I don't know why I'm calling you, but I am. I guess you've just always been there Whenever I had arguments with him, and no matter how trivial they were, you always listened. Looking back on it, I feel like shit. I barely even talked to you about anything if it wasn't my relationship and its problems.

And here I am doing it again. There was something you said last week, while I was crying to you about Finn, about how he Never hugged me. Never kissed me. Never even touched me anymore. You told me I think I could see your feelings brewing in your mind before you even expressed them.

You told me How beautiful I was. You told me that the kisses he wasn't giving me were arrows in the heart of Aphrodite, that That the touch I was deprived of had God herself banging on the gates of heaven, shouting at me to just wake up. Hi. God. I'd never heard something so beautiful before.

I cried even harder. I know it must …