SUBBY Femboy hypnotizes you to give you praise and Oral (FB4F)

By gob384


SUBBY Femboy hypnotizes you to give you praise and Oral (FB4F) Erotic Hypnosis Script

And welcome to today's audio recording. This audio recording has themes of me, the Tist, being submissive for you, the goddess. It also has themes of me submitting, PhantomTouch, and general worshiping of body parts. I hope that you enjoy. With that, we are ready to begin.

Hello, and welcome to this trance. I I hope that you enjoy it. I really, really want to please you today. I I was wondering if you could let me relax you a bit? It it should be hard.

Rather easy, in fact. I've done it many times. I just hope that you would let me just Hear me out on this. Okay? I want you to start with just some simple breath exercises.

Alright? All you need to do is start counting down your breaths from 50. Each breath in, you'll take a deep breath in, holding it for about 3 seconds, and then letting it out, if you're okay with that. As part of that, each breath that you count down, you'll feel just a little bit more welcoming to my suggestions. I am here to serve, after brawl, and it's really good for me to be able to serve if you're listening, that …