[M4A] 1 Week Orgasm Denial [Erotic Hypnosis] [Beginner Friendly] [Triggers]

By UltimatePuma


[M4A] 1 Week Orgasm Denial [Erotic Hypnosis] [Beginner Friendly] [Triggers] Erotic Hypnosis Script

Welcome. Before we begin our hypnosis session, I want you to get nice and comfortable in your chair or your bed. Do it, make sure your body is positioned comfortably. Your arms, your legs, it's your neck and your head are relaxed and well supported. If fit any moment while listening to this file, you feel the need to adjust your body to stay comfortable.

You can do so consciously or unconsciously. No matter how deeply relaxed or how deeply and hypnotic trans you are, I'll give you a moment to prepare now. Very good. Now close your eyes end, focus your attention on my voice. Let all other distractions slowly fade away, all the background sounds around you, all the subtle feelings on your skin all the worries of your day, all the things you need to decide to take care of, all listening to me, all of that can wait until you are back from your relaxing, peaceful, a pleasant journey, I will not ask you to do anything, think to actively think or imagine something fancy, to make choices or decisions, while you are here listening to the sound of my voice, be, you don't need to put …